Bachelor thesis topic

Help On which topic should I write my bachelor thesis?

As a rule, you can determine the topic of your bachelor thesis. The only rule: It must have something to do with your field of study and should be universally valid. For business people, this is e.g. Simply because you can relate to almost any topic economically, and if it is just to find out if there is any economic interest in a particular topic at all. Money makes the world go round. With some creative imagination, you can also somehow connect your studies with watching your favorite series

The agony of choice

Now that we know that you can dedicate your bachelor thesis to almost any topic, you’re spoiled for choice. To narrow the search down a bit I always recommend choosing a topic that you have already generally dealt with in some way, even if it has nothing to do with your studies at first glance. In my bachelor’s degree, it was studying with a child. In the master I blogged very much besides the study and built up studying Plus. I did my Bachelor as well as the Master in Business Communication.

How your Prof helps you in finding a topic for the bachelor thesis

In both cases, my supervising professors helped me to find a topic. Therefore, I went to them in the consultation and have roughly explained which topics I deal with apart from the study and together we then developed the reference to the study and the title.

When is a topic suitable for you Bachelor thesis?

The right topic allows you to relate to your studies, was at least schon mal in the approach examined (there is literature with direct or indirect reference to your topic) and depends neither you nor your examiners already out of the ears. Some topics are so exhausted that your Prof gets rash already when reading the title. In addition, your topic must be researchable in the given time.

If you have only eight weeks to complete, the search for life on Jupiter would be unrealistic. Your topic for the bachelor thesis must be quite specific and small. On the other hand, it must be possible to derive universally valid statements. So it can not be so specific that the result can only be applied to a specific company and transferred to nothing else.

What if I have no idea for a bachelor thesis topic?

If you really can not think of a bachelor thesis topic at all, you can also ask your professors to assign a topic for the thesis, or you can apply to companies for a bachelor thesis topic. You can also replicate existing work. So you do not have to find a new topic, you can copy a study of another without plagiarizing.

You repeat the study and look for the same result. Either way, you will not get around writing the bachelor thesis. But you can influence what content you’ll be working on intensively in the coming weeks and months.

Help from the Studierenplus Community

Well, StudierenPlus has been around for a while now and I keep getting dizzy news, the difficulties with their supervisors in the bachelor thesis. Be it that these are difficult to reach or the chemistry just is not right.

Some people either can not or do not dare to ask questions there and since I can not respond to all the messages and comments anymore (it’s just become too many), I have started a group where students collaborate on scientific writing Tips can support. There you can also ask for feedback for the topic of your bachelor thesis.

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