Plagiarism check for the bachelor thesis

In a word: Yes! And with that, this post could actually be finished, but of course I want to explain to you why I find online plagiarism testing so important in a scientific paper.

How plagiarism destroys careers

At the latest after the “Guttenberg incident” plagiarism – and the resulting denied title – on everyone’s lips. Plagiarism is nothing new. We have much better options to expose them today. With a plagiarism software can be searched from now on practically the whole Internet.

Of course, these universities also use plagiarism testing and – frankly – it would be annoying if you do not pass your bachelor thesis, master thesis or even your dissertation because of a forgotten source.

Why you should do a plagiarism check in your bachelor thesis

You are currently writing your bachelor thesis, master thesis or other scientific work. You have little time and a lot to do, there is so much to keep in mind, because scientific work is subject to a variety of rules. One of them, which should be familiar to all students, is that every source used in the work must be marked as such – anything else would be plagiarism.

Ignorance does not protect against punishment!

And yet – plagiarism happens again and again. Perhaps you yourself have already experienced in one of your first study projects, how fast it can go, to forget a source. Often, this does not even happen because of malice or because you want to gain such an advantage, but simply because of lack of time or carelessness. Maybe you just have not yet dealt with the rules of citation in a scientific paper.

Plagiarism check – what’s that?

Before your Profs read your thesis at all, they hunt this by default first by a plagiarism software. So there is already quite a lot to do even a plagiarism check before submitting your bachelor thesis. Nowadays this is easy and convenient online. In an online plagiarism check, your bachelor thesis or master thesis is scanned and compared to billions of Internet content. But how exactly does a plagiarism software work?

Plagiarism software compares your text to publicly accessible databases and Internet sources, and looks for clashes, also called quotes, and checks that you’ve duly tagged them.

What can a software do that I can not do myself?
In a larger work, you can quickly lose track, I know it yourself. But all this does not help, because intentional or unintentional plagiarism in your thesis can ensure that you do not pass your work, or at least a bad note for cash.

That’s why you can not really be confident enough with your own bachelor thesis and that is the reason why I recommend you a plagiarism test warmly. The plagiarism software also finds the sources that you have overlooked even the 10th time still overlooked.

How much is a plagiarism check?
Basically, there is a distinction between free and paid plagiarism software. On the Internet, you will find some offers for plagiarism, in which the plagiarism software is free, with which you can check your bachelor thesis or any other study work.

Free plagiarism software

Often free plagiarism offers do not control all the phrases of your work, but only every second or third sentence. This is the same as proofreading. You get what you pay for. Then maybe a third of your work is plagiarism free, but the rest you’re just as smart as before.

Paid plagiarism software

So think about whether or not you might want to spend a few Euros on a professional plagiarism review, and that your work will be fully audited from top to bottom. Although most students tend to have low tide in their pockets, I still recommend this option. Thrift is important, but you should not save at the wrong end. Avoiding counterfeiting in your own work is simply too important to be careless in this matter!

That was the vendor that I myself commissioned to test my thesis. Between upload and evaluation passed only a few minutes. I then received the result of the plagiarism check via e-mail. Here the suspicious places were marked and provided with the source of origin found.

So I could easily work through the specified places and correct or complete the source where I had not quoted quite right. And best of all, I had a really quiet conscience after that!

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