And what about the plagiarism check with the data protection?
Again and again I am asked by students about privacy in terms of online services. If you have written your bachelor thesis in a company, this can be especially important.

Because this is not only about your personal data, but also about business secrets. It is not for nothing that many companies prohibit the publication of final papers written by you. Such work may not even be interpreted in the own university library and sometimes the examiners have to sign a confidentiality declaration.

Plagiarism check despite blocking notice?

As a result, when conducting an online plagiarism check, you need to be sure that your data and, most importantly, your scientific work will be treated confidentially in an online plagiarism review and will not end up being used for any other purpose. Unfortunately, there are always vendors who do not follow these privacy guidelines. For example, your own bachelor thesis will be permanently stored in a database after the plagiarism check. This not only contradicts the German data protection law, but can also take you into the devil’s kitchen, if these data are published or sold without permission. B e-mail addresses. I am offered almost daily such data for sale. No thanks! You and I can do without such dubious offers!

Why your work should be deleted after the plagiarism check from the server of the provider

Even if your dates are not sold, the permanent storage of your work in the database of plagiarism software can have a negative impact on you. If your text remains stored with the provider, it is also available for later scans. If your university happens to be using the same plagiarism software, the review will detect your previously scanned work as a source and identify your submitted bachelor thesis as a complete plagiarism. The software then claims that you have written off completely to yourself. And of course that’s the last thing you need so close to graduating!

Why did I choose the plagiarism software from Bachelorprint?
In the plagiarism check of BachelorPrint no data storage was operated. That is, my personal data was only used here to later send me a plagiarism report to the e-mail address given by me or to contact me in an emergency. Bachelorprint sits together with its servers in Bavaria and can guarantee compliance with German privacy policies, in contrast to many other free offers from abroad.

Why would someone want to steal my bachelor thesis?

Even if you think now, my work is not that exciting. Why would someone want to steal it? You’ll be surprised how many violations are currently on the Internet against copyright and foreign texts are made unsolicited to money. Especially as a blogger, I can sing a song of it. That’s why the security of my data is sacred to me.

Your work will also be cached during a plagiarism check on a database, but unfortunately it will not work the other way. At Bachelorprint I can be sure that my text will be irretrievably deleted from their servers after 24 hours at the latest and that no other mischief with my data will happen.

How do I recognize a reliable plagiarism check?

In an online plagiarism check, however, there is also a small “but” that I do not want to conceal you of course: No plagiarism software can offer you a 100% certainty that all quotes are really marked. As I explained above, the plagiarism software only searches online databases.

Of course, if a source is available only as a book, the software can not find such passages. To provide complete protection here would require more extensive research, which is much more time and cost intensive. There are probably only a few bulls left for this money.

My recommendation

If you follow Studierenplus for some time, you know that I basically do not recommend anything that I do not use myself. Your study success is just as important as mine and that’s why I share my experiences with you here, which of course were not always great, but you can learn from my mistakes and avoid them!

You’ve spent so much time and energy – too much to make you insecure and careless. A plagiarism check takes just 30 minutes. Take your time and play it safe. Above all, I had the calm conscience that I had after the plagiarism check, after all the stress of the bachelor thesis as relaxing. I can only recommend this feeling to everyone.

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